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There are so many Couple Rings available for women that choosing one isn't easy. If you're not used to giving out rings, it can be difficult. We'll provide you with suggestions on how to select the perfect woman's ring. The size, shape, style, and price... are just a few elements you'll bring into play in your choice of jewelry.

Ring size

Before choosing a ring model it is important to determine the size of the jewelry. This is especially important when you purchase jewelry online or in retail stores with no knowledge of the woman who will wear it. In this case, there are several options. For instance, you could download and print a ring sizer, which you can use to check the size of a ring is worn by you to find the size. Take a measurement of your finger to see whether the ring is suitable for you.

When you know your measurement, it'll be easier to choose a ring which fits you perfectly and will not slide off or be twisted off your fingers.

Style of jewelry

It is important to look at this element. It is largely based on your personal preferences, or the tastes of the woman you intend to offer the jewel. Be aware of the following aspects when deciding:

The material used: white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, platinum, silver... It decides how the jewel's color appears however, it is also the main factor in the cost.

Stones: fine or precious The stones that are incorporated into the ring also dictate the price of the ring. They determine their weight, their quality, their dimensions... The so-called precious stones are the ruby, diamond, the sapphire and the Emerald. The hue of the stone that you select will influence the stone you choose.

The style: modern traditional, timeless baroque, or simply sober? It's hard to determine the style of a ring and select one that is sure to satisfy. Look at the tastes of the person to whom you're gifting the ring or asking those around you for advice.

The Engagement Ring

It is a ring that needs time to pick out. If you want to surprise your other half, anticipate your purchase as much as you can, so as not to be thrown off by the unexpected and then jump on the first solitaire that comes along. You must consider the following when choosing an engagement ring:

We will return to the dimension, which is the most important aspect to a piece of jewelry. Carats and the quality of stones, metals and diamonds are extremely important. Some women like to wear discreet jewelry, while others are drawn to flashy designs.

What do you and your partner like best? Yellow or white gold one diamond or several precious stones, double or single rings, designs inspired by famous models or original jeweler's creations...

Your budget

It is possible to use a costume ring to propose if you're worried you'll miss a step. The ring will be picked and the ring will be matched. The jeweler will ask if you could exchange the ring in case the design or size are not the right fit for your.


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