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What is

The Plan?

Hit The Cause, LLC designed plan features Wellness Consults, Detox Programs, HCG Weight Management Protocols, and Series Symptom Relief Packages.  In addition, dozens of great tasting and easy-to-make recipes; all designed especially to help you kick start your life, lose weight, and get hold of your health, starting today!


Hit The Cause, LLC provides individualized programs based on the specific needs of our clients and their budget.  We understand each individual has unique needs and goals.  We listen to what our clients are asking, what they are struggling with and help educate them into finding the right protocol that best suits their needs and budget.  We understand there is "no one size fits all" plan, therefore; we offer a variety of plans and support products to complement each protocol we have to offer.

Contact us for pricing on detox and weight management programs specifically designed for your needs and budget.

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"I began my own personal journey into natural wellness when standard medicine was not helping the root of my inflammation and health set backs.  Through healthy eating, finding the right supplements for my specific needs and exercise I was able to heal my body from the inside out.

My mission is to pay it forward through educating clients on obtaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

It's not a diet, it's a way of life  -

Amy Braccia,

Traditional Naturopath, CNHP, Board Certified HHP

*In no way will Hit The Cause, LLC; nor their employees, diagnose or treat a disease; that is what your licensed medical doctors are for.  We encourage you to share your healthy lifestyle with your primary physician as medications may need to be adjusted by living a healthy lifestyle.

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