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"It's not a's a way of life"
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At Hit The Cause

Natural Health & Wellness, LLC

we aim to address the cause of our client's symptoms.  By addressing the cause we get to the root of the unease our clients experience.  Much like your car check engine light on your dashboard; symptoms are our body's signaling center or dashboard for distress. 


Don't mask your symptoms.....


Stylist Table and Plants

Business Hours by Appointment Only:

Mondays  & Wednesdays:

6 pm -9 pm


Saturdays  & Sundays:

11 am - 4 pm


Currently Accepting:


*In Home Consultations

Skype and Face Time


Meditation by the Sea
Homemade Natural Soap
Cosmetic Oils
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Hit The Cause

Natural Health & Wellness, LLC

*In no way will Hit The Cause, LLC nor their employees, diagnose or treat a disease; that is what your licensed medical doctors are for.  We encourage you to share your healthy lifestyle with your primary physician as medications may need to be adjusted by living a healthy lifestyle.

Find the cause,

Feed the body,

Feel fantastic!

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