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Organically sourced, heavy metal free, pesticide free liquid liposomal delivery of premium CBD combined with bioavailable organic turmeric and ginger to give ultimate recovery & healing to every cell in the human body when taken daily over 30-60-90 days. Our CBD blends are custom created to boost the immune system and delivery a jam packed lengthy list of benefits with every single drop!


The taste is out of this world! We use organic all natural stevia to flavor our blends. No preservatives, no additives, no coloring, GMO free, gluten free, vegan and pesticide free. The Espresso flavoring contains no caffeine so it can be digested anytime of day or night and it tastes much like a decadent dessert that blends well in your morning coffee if you so desire. The flavoring for all of our blends is from organic grown unaltered Stevia leaf.


Our oral drops are suspended in MCT oil so that it can quickly absorb into the cells by way of liposomal delivery which puts it into the bloodstream within seconds of digesting.


Zero psychoactive effect as there is less than 1% THC in all of our oral blends (0.23% THC to be exact) and will not interfere in any f