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Custom formulated pesticide free organic blend of premium CBD oil, turmeric and ginger suspended in all natural non GMO coconut oil easily digested by any animal. Known to address the following: separation anxiety, digestion, eyesight, inflammation, joint pain, hip displasis, dental maladies, skin/coat dryness, allergies, food sensitivities, chronic pain, digestion, cancer tumors and more. Flavored with organic vegan beef flavoring that has been tested and proven to be highly agreeable to animals. 


Follow instructions on bottle for dosage based on weight of animal. For example, a 40 lb dog would take 4-6 drops per day.


Bottle includes 60 servings.  One serving equals one half dropper full which equals approx. 40 drops.


All Soul Tender CBD products have a 2 year shelf life. 

4 Legs Animal Supplement 250 MG

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