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The time is here: today we proudly present the think-cell alternative empower for PowerPoint Charts! The newest addition to the empower family: Our add-in makes creating sophisticated PowerPoint charts such as Gantt and waterfall charts easy, uniform and efficient.

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You may be asking yourself why introduce a new product to a market that already has an established solution with think-cell1. The answer is simple: we eagerly listened to what our clients had to say. Repeatedly you told us that think-cell is good product, however most users only require a fraction of its functions. This would be only a minor issue, if the price tag of the software were not so big. What started out as a tool for strategy consultants is now commonly used by many corporations around the world due to the fact that once a number of users create charts with think-cell, many of their colleagues will also require this expensive license to be able to edit these charts.

We have developed a streamlined think-cell alternative in close cooperation with our innovation partners. Not only is empower Charts priced 50% lower, but our chart tool also entices with a modern interface, ease of use, and corporate design compliance. Lead-off clients who have already transitioned to empower for PowerPoint Charts confirm that they consider empower to be the leading alternative think-cell alternative.

You can test the think-cell alternative from empower for free at any time. Why not see for yourself and visit our website to get acquainted with empower for PowerPoint Charts feature details and pricing. The modern PowerPoint add-in ensures perfect charts in no time.

The folks at think-cell just announced that their add-in will now work within Microsoft Office for Mac as well. This is probably the biggest new feature that goes along with the release of think-cell 10.

think-cell has been one of the most popular add-ins that has worked within both PowerPoint and Excel versions on Windows. For those of you who are new to think-cell, it is a PowerPoint and Excel add-in that uses AI to help you create amazing charts.

I asked Markus Hannebauer of think-cell a question related to this release: Markus, do the Windows and Mac versions of think-cell work identically, and can teams that work on both platforms exchange their slides that contain think-cell content?

A web page containing the think-cell license key is available at the link below. You must log in with your Kenan-Flagler username and password. Please remember that by opening this file you agree to use this only for your academic work, and that you will not share this key with anyone else.

think-cell License Key link: go to Myke Search for think-cell in the MyKE search box. The think-cell License Key document should be the first result returned.

think-cell is a high-end add-in that focuses on helping create great looking charts and graphs. The company was founded by alumnus of McKinsey and the add-in has been designed from the ground up to help simplify and automate many of the tedious aspects of slide production. Today think-cell is a go-to tool within top consultancies like McKinsey, BCG and Bain and the company has nearly 500,000 users.

You can think of think-cell as a tool to help eliminate some of the complexity and tedium of creating great looking charts in PowerPoint. Making PowerPoint do what you want it to can become complicated once you start trying to create more complex charts and graphs. think-cell helps automate much of the tedium.

think-cell excels at automating the creation of specific graph types that are difficult or time consuming to create normally within Excel or PowerPoint. Graph types such as Waterfalls, Gantts, and Mekkos can be made in minutes. Anyone with a lot of data-heavy visuals will treasure its time-saving properties. A great tool for pitch decks or sales presentations.

All business charts are created within PowerPoint, using the PowerPoint charting engine. You are not creating images which cannot be edited later. Instead, think-cell charts are PowerPoint charts, and you can leverage all the advantages of creating native PowerPoint charts, such as linking data directly to Excel documents.

The Timeline Wizard lets you make timelines with ease, in the same fashion as think-cell. Simply plug in the variables, and the add-on does the rest: outlining key milestones, calculating task durations, tracking progress, and calculating percentages of completion. These automatic functions make it a great tool for project managers and other timetable keepers.

think-cell is a powerful tool to create charts for PowerPoint presentations. It has a clear focus on finance and business chart. And on PowerPoint. That makes the product strong on the one hand, but on the other its focus might be too narrow for your needs.

Those of us who regularly work in PowerPoint have come across add-ons with promises to enhance productivity and make our lives easier. Many of these add-ons just make existing PowerPoint features a bit easier to access, but occasionally a piece of software comes along that has the research behind it to solve a real problem for the user. think-cell is one of these roses in amongst the thorns. It is a graph and layout automation tool that promises to make slide creation quicker and easier.

Earlier today (June 11th 2018), think-cell announced and launched a new version of its software. If you are one of the 600,000 active think-cell users, you have already been taking advantage of their chart and layout automation functions, which have been shown to cut slide creation time by up to 70%. This latest update looks to enhance think-cell from a data-driven chart engine to include big data reporting capabilities and automatic layout generation.

So, think-cell helps users achieve beauty through consistency and elegance, automating and correcting many of the things we tend to get wrong. To find out more details about how they enable this, check out their comprehensive YouTube tutorials.

It is possible to link external Excel spreadsheets to PowerPoint graphs by using macros, and past versions of think-cell have made linking and live updating much easier. In recent years, though, there has been more demand for linking to cloud databases.

With think-cell 9 you will be able to link any on-premise or cloud database to a chart in PowerPoint through a simple JSON-based interface. This means that you can automatically update presentations from internet sources and export huge amounts of information into data-driven charts, all within a single PowerPoint presentation. This provides a simple and elegant way of visualizing big data quickly. It will also be an enormous time save for those who frequently present reports, says Hannebauer:

The last key feature of the think-cell 9 update is automatic layouts. Some skeptics may say that PowerPoint already has features like SmartArt that help you do this quicker. But I would counter that SmartArt offers so little flexibility as to be unfit for purpose. Hannebauer is in agreement:

Automatic layout has solved for a lot of my pain points with SmartArt. For example, SmartArt restricts how you animate objects in and out. While you can always ungroup your shapes and animate them after the fact, once you ungroup you lose the automation, which makes future updates more complicated and cancels out the benefits of using SmartArt in the first place. In contrast, when you create a custom layout using think-cell, it is treated as individual objects. This means you can easily reformat and animate objects with precision, without losing key functionality.

This feature is definitely easier understood when you can see it in action. Luckily, think-cell has released a video demoing the new chart automation capabilities, so you can check it out for yourself!

If you love the free trial and want to purchase the full version, a single user license costs about $250/year. There is of course economy of scale and think-cell have a calculator on their website to help you work out the cost for your specific situation.

think-cell is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 all the way up to the on-premise versions of Office 365. If you are a Mac user, you will have to just wait a bit longer until think-cell 10 is released. This version will be compatible with Mac Office, and a preview is available for everyone.

The BrightCarbon team and I will be keeping a watchful eye over future think-cell updates, as we know exciting things will be coming out of this company! Keep checking back on our blog for more updates on forthcoming think-cell software versions, and our regular reviews of all things presentation technology.

With think-cell you can easily create data tables in PowerPoint, such as Gantt charts, process flows and waterfalls. It can also be used to update a presentation automatically from data in an Excel spreadsheet.

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