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Textbook Of Biotechnology By Rc Dubey Pdf Free 12 ~REPACK~

As student of Biotechnology, I am in search of a reference book that provides complete information on the basic, Applied and Human Biotechnology including Practice and Techniques. The book should contain coverage of all the aspects of the subject, e.g., Chemical, Physiological, Genetic, Molecular, Cellular and Community. Till date, I have searched all the market and found only few books, which do not satisfy the needs of the biotechnology student.

textbook of biotechnology by rc dubey pdf free 12

Download File:

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A Textbook of Biotechnology with Biotechnology Practicals for Class XIIby Dr. R. C. Dubey is especially designed for CBSE students of Class XII. This textbook is also useful to Class XII students of other boards like the ICSE and other State Boards. The book contains information on all the important topics under Biotechnology. It also guides a student with his practical examinations. This book is highly reliable as it is designed according to the guidelines of the National Council of Educational Research and Training.

Chapter 29 on Biochemical Engineering Laboratory has been deleted from the book because most of the experiments have been written in Practice of Microbiology by R C Dubey. Bibliography has been added to help the students for further consultation of resource materials.


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