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Destiny's Child Destiny Fulfilled Download 24

Over the course of the early years in their career, Girl's Tyme changed their name to Somethin' Fresh, Cliché, The Dolls, and to Destiny.[14] The group signed with Elektra Records with the name Destiny, but were dropped several months later before they could release an album.[12] The pursuit of a record deal affected the Knowles family: in 1995, Mathew Knowles resigned from his job as a medical-equipment salesman,[9] a move that reduced Knowles' family's income by half, and her parents briefly separated due to the pressure.[9][12] In 1996, they changed their name to Destiny's Child. Group members have claimed that the name was taken from a passage in the Bible: "We got the word destiny out of the Bible, but we couldn't trademark the name, so we added child, which is like a rebirth of destiny," said Knowles.[15] The word Destiny was stated to have been chosen from the Book of Isaiah, by Tina Knowles.[16]

destiny's child destiny fulfilled download 24



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