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[S1E3] Black Out Extra Quality

This was a bit of a breather episode, taking a break from all the action of the first two episodes. With that, we are finally getting into topics worthy of the Blade Runner name. Perceptions of good and bad, white and black. Definitions of purity, and what it means to be human. How our maltreatment of the non-human makes us, in turn, less than human. With ten episodes to go, we have a lot of runway now to explore these ideas and see what they can do with them.

[S1E3] Black Out

Flint appears to reluctantly accept Silver's proposition and asks Eleanor if she agrees to it, which she does. Flint states that this type of operation is going to require a consort i.e. another ship. Flint goes on to list to Eleanor a number of items that they will need for the expedition, including a dozen new 12 pounder cannons. He tells Eleanor that when they attack the Urca they are going to need heavier artillery pieces if they are going to do anything more than make a scratch against her hull. Eleanor tells Flint that she will get them for him. Later, Mr. Scott asks Eleanor where she thinks she is going to find the guns for Flint. She tells him that a merchant captain named Bryson is due back in port in a few days and that she will take the guns from him. Mr. Scott goes on further to explain that they probably shouldn't expect any more supply ships to show up in port now that word has surely got around that Richard Guthrie is being accused of black marketing. Eleanor retorts that that just means that her father will have to help her in Flint's expedition.

After the credits, The black haired woman is wondering if Mai looked like Chisato, while Decim is cleaning the bowling balls. Having no clue himself, Decim remarks that life is really mysterious. Each life spins its own totally separate tale, yet can be so intertwined. No one knows how life will end up.

"Until after you die", the black haired woman chimes in and takes a ball from Decim. "But that's what makes it interesting", as she bowls a strike. Decim comments that was "nicely done", and she spins around, smiling brightly.

A lone truck drives up to a building owned by Foxteca and things seem quiet. Suddenly, a strange black blob soon slips out from the shadows and sneaks into the main control room. The blob forces its way into the controls and causes several explosions throughout the building. When the fire department arrives, the blob manages to escape in one of the trucks.

That morning, Bruce heads over to see Derek Powers, who greets him but smoothly hides the files on his desk, asking Bruce not to touch a black statue in his office. Bruce says that he isn't there to take full control of Wayne-Powers, but warns Powers to stay off the back of Foxteca, a business owned by Lucius Fox, Jr. After Bruce leaves, the statue turns into Inque, and she expresses concern that he is snooping. Powers dismisses her concerns, saying Bruce is just a tired old man.

Morning once again comes over Gotham and Miss Winston confers with Powers in his limousine, explaining that Foxteca still was on schedule for the new satellite and that the sabotage inflicted the night before had been minimal. Although he did not show any anger from the news to Winston, he then demanded an explanation from Inque as she arrived for the failure, stating her reason for the failure had better be a good one. She confesses that Foxteca is still meeting its schedule, but claims it's not her fault: A man in a black and red costume has been interfering, and this had been the second time this had happened. Hearing this, Powers, deducing from the description that Batman had been responsible for preventing Foxteca's sabotage, becomes angry and his fake skin starts to flake away. After explaining that he has a condition and requested discretion regarding it when she expressed shock at his flaking, he assigns Inque a new task: kill both Batman and his accomplice, the latter after learning from her that he had one due to overhearing him on the comm link. He also offered to pay her whatever amount of money she wanted for the hit, causing Inque to admit she likes working for Powers for this reason before being dismissed by him, citing that being near him while shedding his fake skin is "unhealthy." 041b061a72


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