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DAN TSHANDA SPLASH 8Albums Drgon is a collection of songs by the late South African musician and producer Dan Tshanda and his band Splash. The album was released in 2022 by Diamond Studios and features 10 tracks of disco, funk and Afro-pop music. The album is a tribute to Tshanda's legacy and his influence on the South African music scene.

Dan Tshanda was born in 1964 in Chiawelo, Soweto. He started his music career as a backing vocalist for the legendary group Dalom Kids in the early 1980s. He later formed his own band, Splash, which became one of the most popular and successful groups in South Africa and beyond. Splash was known for its catchy melodies, danceable beats and uplifting lyrics. Some of their hit songs include Peacock, Khoma Khoma, Vumelanani and Cellular.

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In 1991, Tshanda formed another group called Matshikos, which was led by his two backing vocalists Penwell Kunene and Joseph Tshimange. Matshikos released an album called The Park Is Mine, which also received positive reviews and acclaim. Tshanda continued to produce music for other artists and groups, such as Patricia Majalisa, Dalom Kids, Matshikos, Peacock and many more. He was regarded as one of the pioneers and legends of South African music.

Tshanda died on 5 January 2019, aged 54, at a Johannesburg hospital from a heart attack. His death was mourned by many fans and fellow musicians, who paid tribute to his contribution to the music industry. His funeral was attended by thousands of people, who celebrated his life and legacy with his songs.

DAN TSHANDA SPLASH 8Albums Drgon is a way of honoring Tshanda's memory and celebrating his music. The album features some of his classic songs as well as some new ones that showcase his versatility and creativity. The album is available on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Qobuz. You can also learn more about Tshanda and Splash on Wikipedia.


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