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Vic Randolph
Vic Randolph

Outlast 2 Switch NSP (eShop)

Kind of a boring list in my opinion. Nothing against the article but the lack of good horror games on switch. Imagine if We had a true vc how much better this could've been. ( zombies ate my neighbors, castlevania etc).

Outlast 2 Switch NSP (eShop)

Download Zip:

The switch is missing some Project Zero, I'm surprised they didn't port maiden of the blackwater to switch, I thought it was quite a good game that didn't get the audience it deserved on Wii U. Also Koei Tecmo are happy to bring every Warriors game under the sun to Switch so you would think they would be quite used to the porting process now.

I have to ask since nowhere reports it. I've played RE4 on so many platforms and have beaten it around 30-40 times. The switch version never has normal enemies drop ammo is this the same for other players? I have to beat the game using only the scripted ammo drops in containers and lying on tables and benches in the game world and it just sucks. I just played 2 chapters on PC and got DOZENS of ammo drops. On switch i only get money. Is this the normal behavior for anyone else? 041b061a72


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