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Mulberry Bag Serial Number Checker

1The serial number should also be lightly etched onto the metal disc with a laser, instead of being deeply engraved. Some older bags may not feature a serial number but all modern Mulberrys will have a serial number stamped onto the brass disc.

Mulberry Bag Serial Number Checker

While I agree perhaps the serial number is problematic, the bag looks to be authentic-stitching is gorgeous, the logos and imprints are clear and well defined. I'd have this looked at by an approved authenticator. If the bag is authentic, I'm sure it retailed for about $2,000.00+...... Mulberry bags are not cheap. Good luck, OP...Let us know how it turns out?

Yes, the bag is unfortunately fake. The serial number is a definite fake (the most notorious and infamous fake Mulberry serial number, tantamount to "10218184" for Chanel) and even the font itself was something Mulberry has never used. Take note of how the first zero was etched underneath the fob.

It has a serial number inside. How would you clean the metal? Would you brasso it? ?Nervous ?Little sis is always showing off her bags. Which i can't but she hasn't anything as good as this

Ok in in a small rural town in ireland. Charity shop is small. Ladies who work there are in their 70'sMulberry isn't that common here.I've google a few sites a all of your suggestions. I can't find the serial number coming up as fake anywhere. The number is 026904 if anyone fancies trying too.Because I'm in ireland. I can't really pop in anywhere to see if it real as there is no stand alone store here. Any idea how I would clean the metal? Brasso ?nervous ?

Mulberry no longer authenticate their items in the shops or at customer services- they stopped years ago. There is no database of serial numbers.Receipts, boxes, bags, dust bags , tags etc are all frequently faked.You will need to pay an authentication service . Authenticate4u are probably the best .

As opposed to a serial number, the Coach style number actually gives you a lot of information about the bag in which you found it. It contains information about the month, year and place the bag was manufactured and then of course, the style of the bag.

These numbers in front of the dash are specific to the individual bag, not the style in general, so this part is actually more similar to something like an actual serial number. Of course, the same letter and numbers will be added to all the other individual bags manufactured in that location and at that time, so still not quite a real serial number.

The last example I will bring up is not actually a style or serial number but something that is often confused with a style number. In early versions of the Rogue, Dinky and Saddle bag from the 1941 collection (and a few other models), you might find a number on the creed patch that looks like a serial or style number but is not. They look like this:

Please note that while looking at the information in the style number and doing these searches can be a very valuable part of the authentication process, it cannot make up the entire process. If you want to make sure your bag is authentic, you need to look at several different factors and not focus solely on a serial or style number. And of course, should you have a bag with the "00000" number, it is even more important to look at other factors for authenticity. 350c69d7ab


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